Commemorative Postage Stamp Pakistan Bible Society -
150 years Pakistan Bible Society in Lahore -

for sale now...

Title:       Pakistan Bible Society Postal Stamps
Slogan:    Providing The Word of God in the language people can understand
Details:    Sheet of 18 Stamps for Rs: 8.00 each (value Rs: 160.)
From:       Pakistan Post Office, Government of Pakistan
Language: English/Urdu
Price:        Rs: 200.- per set + packing & posting/Order not returnable
Important:  This offer goes only alongside any book or video order.
link:           Pakistan Bible Society

Kalimatullah is proud of Pakistan, a Islamic Country, who provides and protects Minorities, and constitutionally guarantees religious freedom for all. Also we join up with The Pakistan Bible Society to distribute the word of God for everyone online, regardless of creed, race, tribe or color. Therefore we sell here stamps alongside the books..
buy your Commemorative Postage Stamp of Pakistan Bible Society