There are different opinions of scholars about this false gospel about when it was written and who was it's author was.

 The first thought is that a Spanish Muslim man wrote it. How do we know this? The answer is that if you study this false gospel of Barnabas, then automatically you will know how much the author of this book is familiar with the Quran Sharif and Hadees.

A second thought is the author of this false gospel is a Jew who became Christian and then Muslim. Later he became the snake of sleeves and tried to put enmity within Muslims and Christians.  However, he succeeded in his purpose.

Why do we suspect that the author of this false gospel was first a Jew and then he became a Muslim?  The answer is that he was familiar with and had deep understanding of the Old Testament. He was also familiar with Talmud because he is pressing on circumcision in this false gospel.

A third thought is that the author of this false gospel was a Christian and later he became Muslim.  His name was Fermareno. He was familiar with the Old and New Testament, but he wasn’t familiar with Islam.

In 1963, a Christian Priest, Fr. M.D Afelza, said in an article that the author of this false Gospel was a Christian who became Muslim later. Remember that there was not any disciple of Jesus Christ (Isa) whose name was Barnabas and there was not any man of this name among the eyewitnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Barnabas was a young man and co - worker of Apostle Paul.  He played a great role for Christianity.  When we see the attitude of this great man of God, then we cannot expect there to be two swords in one case. The other reality is that this Barnabas, the co - worker of Apostle Paul, passed away nearly 1,500 years before the writing of this false gospel.

There was not any book of this name before 1492. It is a later evil effort of someone. From the date of its Spanish translation and from its binding, we come to the conclusion that this false gospel of Barnabas has been written between 1550 -1590.  It was written in Spain, because the coin which is mentioned in this book was being used in Spain.  This false gospel was written in Europe, not in the East. This book has 222 Chapters and 308 pages.

There is a rumor that this  false gospel was found between 1585-1590 in the book room of Pope Sixtus V. Lonsdale Ragg translated it later from the Italian language to English in 1907. Then, on 15th of March 1908, an Egyptian Christian Scholar, Dr. Khaleel Sa-Adit, translated it into Arabic from the English language. In 1916, Molvi Muhammad Haleem Insari translated this book into the Urdu language. On 28 th December 1961, Malik Kashmir Book Depot, Okarha, Pakistan, published it for the first time from the Lahore Art Press Anarkali, Lahore, Pakistan.

Professor Asi Ziai, Murray College, Sialkot translated this book for the second time into the Urdu language.  Islamic Publications Limited from Shah Alim Market, Lahore, Pakistan, published it. In the sense of translation, Molvi Muhammad Haleem Insari has done a wonderful work.

There are several reasons to say that there is a Muslim man behind this Gospel. 

1. In this book it is mentioned about Ibrahim and Ishmael, stating that Ishmael was given as the sacrifice.  If this false gospel of Barnabas was a true Gospel then why is it not mentioned that his father, Ibrahim, gave Isaac as a sacrifice? Because in the Torah and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Isaac was given as the sacrifice by his father Ibrahim.

2. The second reason is that the gospel of Barnabas states that “Iblees” did not worship Adam so he became Satan.  This theology does not belong to the Torah and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Rather, it is Islamic theology.  If there was a Christian author of this Gospel, then he would have never tried to write that.

3. The third reason is that the book mention s how Adam & Eve came out from Paradise.   Whatever is written here is not according to the Torah or Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s based on Islamic theology.

4. The fourth reason is this book states that when A dam & Eve came out from Paradise they said a wording (Kalma -E-Tayyab) written on the door of Paradise. This teaching also does not belong to the Torah or the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rather it belongs to Islamic traditions.

5. The fifth reason is that in this false gospel of Barnabas, it is mentioned again and again about swearing. Jesus Christ forbids swearing for anything. This teaching also contradicts with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that’s the reason that the writer of this gospel cannot be any disciple of Jesus Christ.

6. The sixth reason is its topics and teachings do not belong to Christianity. Those teachings belong to Islamic teaching. 

For example:

-Saying that “Jesus is the Son of God” is blasphemy.

-Saying that “Jesus is the Christ” is blasphemy.

-Jesus Christ was “only a prophet,” not more than that.

-Jesus was “preparing the way” for the real Christ who was going to come.

But the great and amazing thing is that Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) never mentioned anything anywhere about this gospel of Barnabas. The bottom line is that this false gospel of Barnabas neither corresponds with the Bible nor with the Qur'an Sharif, because it contradicts the truth historically, geographically and theologically.

We are surprised and cannot understand how our Muslim brothers accept that the gospel of Barnabas is true because it contradicts with Qur'an Sharif. But still they are using it against Christianity.   I urge you to please don’t accept this forgery but stand with the truth.